Pioneer Meeting Arrowhead Council #600 April 24, 2013

The meeting was called to order by Marlys Wisch at 2:30PM, Pioneer members present were Bill Carlson, John Warren, Char Reno and Marlys Wisch, excused were Nancy Eilefson and JoAnn Cooper.

Old Business:
Financial Report - none
Life Member Report - the Life Member Luncheon was cancelled for April due
to the weather. The next Life Member Luncheon is scheduled for
May 15, 2013.
Charitable Report - Char delivered 24 bears to the Life Care Center, no other
report of donations.
Chapter Update - none
Other - Marlys emailed JoAnn after the last meeting to let her know we wanted
to submit a grant from the Earl B. Dobbs Fund, to ask for help in filling out the data, Marlys did not get a response from JoAnn, and Marlys did not follow up, did not submit the proposal herself, so we do not know if a grant proposal was submitted, Marlys will check with JoAnn.

New Business:
Report on the 100th Birthday party for Art Wright, Bill and John attended, said
it was a very good party and very well attended.
Marlys reported she contacted Janet Nelson, Lois Nelson’s daughter, about
visiting her mother for a coffee clache sometime soon. Janet said her mother
is living at Westwood and would love to have us visit, she cannot be taken out
of the building and needs someone to bring her to the meeting room where we would have coffee. We then talked of folks at Chris Jensen, maybe we could pick them up and bring them to Westwood. Marlys is to contact Nancy to see
about doing this, possibly in June.
Marlys brought up the Circle of Hope non-profit organization and whether we
should make a donation, we decided to wait to make our decision at the May
meeting because we are not sure how much money we have in our treasury. So
this is tabled for the May meeting.

Wrap Up: Our next meeting will be May 22, 2013 at 2:15PM in the Melrose Bldg.

Adjourned at 3PM

Respectfully submitted, Marlys Wisch, Notetaker

Our next Life Member Luncheon will be May 15 at the VFW in Lincoln Park/West End. Reservations are needed by May 12. Please contact Nancy at 218-624-0031 by May 12 if you plan to attend. Thanks!