September 28, 2020                                                                 

Dear Fellow Pioneer,

Let me first say, I miss you.  This sure has been a year for the books! Never did I ever imagine back in March that all our Pioneer activities for the year would be cancelled.  I know weve cut back over the years in some of the things weve done, but this is ridiculous no lunches, no Hug A Bears, no casino trips and even no holiday party.  I dont know what next year brings, but rest assured as soon as its safe to do so Metro Pioneers will be back!

One of the things that doesnt have to stop is our contribution back to our community.  And so many of the organizations weve supported need help now more than ever.  So, Id like to propose a new and exciting way for you and the Pioneers to give back to these worthy charities.

Id like to announce a Matching Gift Program for Metro Pioneers.  Heres how it will work.

You can make a donation of $50 to $200 to a charity of your choice and the Pioneers will match your contribution.  This program will run from October 1st to December 1, 2020.

Here are the details:  1) You choose your favorite charity and provide me with the name/address/phone of the organization, 2) Make out a tax deductible check  between $50 and $200 payable to Telecom Pioneers and mail it to me.  3)  When I receive your check, Ill fill out the paperwork to match your donation and send it to the Pioneer accounting office.  4) A check double the amount you sent will be issued from the Pioneers to your named charity.

The check can be given to the organization in two ways. 

1. In most cases, that check will be sent to me and I will mail it to the receiving organization along with a letter saying it is a matching contribution from the Pioneers and from a Metro Pioneer member (providing them with your name, if you wish.) 

2. Or, if you have a close personal relationship with that organization, the Pioneer accounting office can send you the check so that you can present it to the organization.

By the end of the 2020 we will have missed 3 Pioneer lunches (the summer picnic buffet, our fall gathering and of course the holiday party) where its been the norm for our members to make suggestions for donations.  Wed get 4 or 5 motions for donations (wed vote Yes or No and in all my years Ive never seen a donation voted down) and end up donating perhaps a total of $1000 per meeting.  This Matching Gift Program is a great way for you to double your usual support to charities of your choice and great way to keep the spirt of the Pioneers alive during this difficult time.  Ill keep track of the responses I get from you all and report back the results of this Matching Gift Program as it progresses and give a final report to you in December.

Ive created an easy to use Donation Submission Form(Click to download) for you to use. And by all means, if you have any questions give me a call at 763-535-3865 or send me an email at  I look forward to a great response.

Yours in Pioneering,

Mary Ann Neuman President - Metro Pioneers     Phone:  763-535-3865 - Email:

6073    Quebec Avenue North

New Hope, MN  55428