Metro Council raises money for Ronald McDonald house


May 2014
A check for $1425.10 was presented by Metro Pioneers Pat Jeukens and Lee Poirier to Ronald McDonald house on May 7, 2014 to purchase a new washer and dryer for the University house.  It came at the right time, as their washer had just quit!

Several Metro Pioneers contributed to this effort through various projects.  Gary Greb contributed money received from cell phone recycling.  Lee Poirier donated money from sales of handmade fleece items and dish cloths at Wayzata Blvd and St. Paul CenturyLink sites.  Pat Jeukens also raised money by holding various fund raising events at the St. Paul and Wayzata Blvd locations.  In addition Pat and Lee held an Easter basket sale.    Great work folks for a very worthy organization!

John Stanoch, former Qwest MN President who is now CEO and president Ronald McDonald House Upper Midwest, asked Pat and Lee to say a big ‘Hi’ to all his Pioneer friends from him.

<<More of the Easter Baskets these were left over from our Easter Baskets for a Donation event held in St Paul $460+ dollars were raised toward the Washer and Dryer fund.


Some of the Easter Baskets donated to Ronald McDonald House accepting Donna Moores and Pioneer Pat Jeukens


Pioneer Lee Poirier and Donna Moores looking at some of the books donated to the Ronald McDonald school inside the house.


Pioneer Lee Poirier and Staff person from Ronald McDonald House looking at more books.


Donna Moores and John Stanoch from Ronald McDonald House with Pioneers Pat Jeukens and Lee Poirier presenting the check for $1425.10 toward washer and dryer and the books.


Donna Moores and John Stanoch with Ronald McDonald House with Pioneers Pat Jeukens and Lee Piorier


Check for $1425.10