2010 Rake Rattle & Roll Project




Marsha Pilgrim raking at our first yard.


Cindy Hinote taking her section of the yard.


Linda Babbe getting the bag ready while Amanda Lennes (LuAnn's niece) starts raking the leaves into a pile


Chris, Amanda's fiancÚ, cleaning up around the fence line.


Shannon Galles holds up our empty leaf barrel after we finished the yard. Notice we piled the bags by the neighbor's fence on top of his leaves. :)


Wait, me missed some.


Florence the homeowner came out and thanked us and invited us in for cookies and coffee. She was really sweet and in her younger years was big into volunteering and misses it.


This tree trunk has grown right around the fence. If you look really hard you can see a face below the fence line.


 Amanda doing a little tree trimming.


We need some muscle so Chris took over.


This homeowner was at a church function so she left us water and a thank you note. Shannon was very thankful for the water as this was our last house.


Just hanging out with the wildlife.


 After we were done we all settled in for a great late breakfast at the Mill City Cafe. From L to R; Amanda, Chris, LuAnn, Shannon, Linda, Marsha and Cindy.


Shannon stops to fix a ped cover.