Metro - Birthday in


a Bag Fundraiser

    On November 25th Lee Poirier held a book fundraising event
at the Anoka, Mn office and raised $102
 for the Birthday in a Bag project for the local Metro Food Shelves.



Birthday-in-a-Bag committee chairs Pat Jeukens and Lee Poirer served up a nice picnic lunch of Hot Dog, Chips, Cookies, Soda and Popcorn to St. Paul employees. 

The lunch was a big hit and picnic customers donated generously to the fundraiser to replenish funds to purchase items to fill our bags which hold everything a family would need to provide a birthday celebration for a child.





Many items are donated by employees and businesses with party goods.  Bags contain cake mix, frosting, candles, plates, spoons, cups, a birthday card and a small gift. 

The fundraiser netted just over $400  and per Pat Jeukens that is enough to provide about 100 Birthdays in a Bag to area foodshelves. 

The following day Kathy Hanson, Chapter President, delivered 10 Birthday Bags to the IOCP food shelf in Wayzata.  That food shelf serves northwest suburbs and was looking for birthday items so a good match was made.


Lee Poirer is dishing up a dog   Kathy Hanson delivered several Birthday Bags to IOCP Food Shelf which serves northwest suburbs of Henn County
Dorothy Askew received her lunch from Kathy Asmus while Jo York and Lee Poirer wait for more customers   Pat Jeukens and Paul Blom are ready with the sodas

From Pat Jeukens
Thank You each and everyone who supported
Qwest Pioneers Fundraiser yesterday
 for "Birthday in the Bag" 
we raised enough money to complete about
100 Birthday Bags to be delivered
 to metro area food shelves.
Our goal is to have 400 gift bags in the
area food shelves by the end of 2008. 
As of August 1st, 2008 we have done 265 gift bags.
Thank you all again and our great helpers.
Kathy Hanson State Pioneer president
Lee Poirier Co-Chair
    Kathy Asmus
Jo York
    Mary Jo Huseby
 Paul Blom 


Mary Jo Huseby serves Paul Stanke his hotdog