Chapter President - Kathy Hanson

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                   September 2017



We are well into a new year and it is time for us to reconnect.  Perhaps like me you like to make plans and set goals each year.

Last year this Chapter was planning how to merge the Iowa and South Dakota Pioneers into one big MN/IA/SD Chapter 18.  We attempted to raise interest in both states to put forth enough officers to form in each state a Pioneer Council.  We are grateful for the contacts we made and the people in those states who reached out.  South Dakota now has a Council with officers R.E.”Bob” Denny, President and Dale Axtell, Treasurer and Joyce Martinec, Secretary.  Welcome to them!  Iowa Pioneers will merge into this Chapter’s Central Council with Dave Hemmer, President and Al Barthel, Treasurer and Secretary Linda Massman.

Our National Telecom Pioneers Board of Directors is encouraging all Pioneer groups to think creatively about raising funds locally to sustain our projects and programs.  With a dwindling membership and one that has become less physically involved on a face-to-face basis, we need to be looking for opportunities to match our name and limited monetary support with partners who have similar agendas of filling a need in a variety of communities.

Your Chapter executive board would welcome your ideas and pledges of support on what can be done to raise funds and find partners in service.

PARTICIPATION HOURS: Please report them! I know so many of you participate in all kinds of ways to help meet many needs.  Already this year I’ve helped make “Bundles of Love” for babies, bowled (badly) to fundraise for RISE a program for challenged people and assembled and stuffed mailings at MS Society.  I reported all my volunteer hours.  Did You Volunteer?  Did You Report Your Volunteer Hours?  Do it now.  We want to know this information. See the info for Carol Barthel who will help you with reporting if you have not done it before.

Did you know Legacy West Pioneers (that is all the 14 states that used to be named Northwestern Bell,  U S West,  Qwest and now CenturyLink) has a web site?  Check it out.  Some Pioneer groups even have their own Facebook page.

Our future needs people who can continue communicating, stay connected and stay creative.  Then we can count on, to borrow from the famous Bee Gees, “Staying Alive”.

Kathy Hanson, President – Legacy West Pioneers, Chapter 18 

 Participation Hours - Carol Barthel,