Central Council kicks off Literacy project
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Pioneers sponsor "wheel Deals" riding team and volunteer at the MS Society TRAM ride to raise money to fund a cure for MS

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American Red Cross
Beeping Egg Hunt for the blind
Big Red Bookshelf
Chore Club-Making repairs for those in need
Community Service
Computer Assistance
Elderly Assistance
Family Support Network

Food Shelf's
Hug A Bear's
Knitting Caps for babies & Cancer patients
Library and Tutoring
Life Line installations for area hospitals
Meals on Wheels
MS Society

Nursing homes
Options - Special needs facility
Place if Hope - Feeding less fortunate
Ronald MacDonald House
Talking book repair
VA hosp.and cemetery
Wellness bags
Wheelchair ramps


The Veterans State Cemetery (Camp Ripley) is looking for some volunteers.
The grass is not growing quite as fast now but they could still use help mowing ( riders if you like )
weed whipping, and general work around the grounds, what ever you would like.
If anyone is good with plants and can help or give advise on the care , your help is needed.
If you can help with office work, or if you can help with building cleaning your help is needed.
The State is not hiring so 3 employees are trying to keep up with things.
So what ever you can do for how ever many hours you would like, would help a great deal .

I you are interested or have questions call Dave Swanteck at 320-616-2527
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